The place: very important!

October 29, 2007

On this post we can see different type of ad in Madrid (Spain); we would like to underline the importance of the place of ad or a billboard.

Puerta de Alcala

We are here on “la Puerta de Alcala” or “Plaza de Independancia” of Madrid which is very famous, it is on the entrance of the biggest park of Madrid, “El Retiro”.

Plaza de Colon

This columns is on the “Plaza de Colon” de Madrid, we can see an acorn on the head of the billboard so people can see and recognize the ad and the movie: “Ice Age 2”.

 We can show you the same type of ad for the movie “the Simpsons,the movie” this summer in the Madrid. People can observe this ad in front of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the Stadium of the Real Madrid, the team soocer of Madrid.



Mains JCDecaux Links

October 29, 2007

If you want to know more about JCDecaux you can go on:

JCDecaux Group:

JCDecaux UK:

JCDecaux United States:

JCDecaux Australia:

JCDecaux China:

We can notice that each web site are different, so we can affirm that the sites don’tdepend of the JCDecaux Group but of the JCDecaux nation divisions.


October 29, 2007

I would like to show you that JCDecaux is not the only company which sells innovate billboards

The next video is a Clear Channel video. Clear Channel is the main competitor of JCDecaux in the world.

On the movie, there is a Coca Cola ad where people can see the poster turn but the red Coca Cola bottle doesn’t move. On the poster, we can see different patterns. However, JCDecaux promote also this ad campaign in Spain.


An other competitor in the United States is Lamar,but only on big billboard. On the movie, we can one of the most important mural poster in New York. Moreover, there is all the process of production of big billboard, and we see the painters, the funny painters.

What type of client

October 14, 2007

You can see on the previous post, different type of client of JCDecaux like Wonderbra, Ford, Nokia.

One of the most important client is the producer of movies like Fox, or Universal.

On the video you can the ad of the movies: Die Hard 4.

You can see some advertising media with impact of balls, and with smoke. Moreover you can see bus stop with TV which some pictures of the movies and the trailer.

This type of outdoor advertisement is very famous very because it attracts the consumer. The man who speaks says that it’s very original and he likes this ad.

Innovation everywhere!!!

October 8, 2007

On this video we see that JCDecaux develop its how-know everywhere in the world (Shanghai, China) and in every place.

JCDecaux developed innovation in the Shanghai subway. This type of innovation can be seen during 5 or 7 days, not during a month or a years. The customers have to pay more for this type of advertisement.

 We can see on the video a lot a interactive billboards in order to attract the people to discover the ad.

You can download with Blue-tooth some pictures. And finally, there is a billboard which counts how many people pass behind the billboard.

For instance, there is an ad with function with the move of the people. Then, you can imagine your self in a car.

An example of innovation

October 4, 2007

The marketing departement of JCDecaux Netherland has decided to make an innovate ads for a beer brand: Grolsch!

 You can see on the video that people has to open a door in order to see the product; the door is the door of a fridge.

Presentation of the sector

September 25, 2007

JCDecaux work in the Outdoor sector,or the advertising in the street. the company sells supports of billboards.

The company is actually the first or the second company in the world, it’s depend of the types of billboards.

I want to show you a little video in order what is a JCDecaux product. On the video, we can see a marketing project because it made by JCDecaux Innovate. this billboard is very particular.

 Watch the video and you’ll understand

You can see an ad for Wonderbra